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Cover your recording, producing & promoting costs with interest free advances.

Amplify Your Artistry

There is no ignoring it, financial support often plays a critical role in the success, or failure, of music careers. Artist advances are upfront payments that alleviate the immediate financial pressures of recording, producing, and promoting your music.

Think of an advance as an investment in your talent and future works. Advances are not just about the money; they're a partnership. We believe in your potential and offer these funds to help catalyse your growth as an artist.

Advance Your Journey

The path to securing an advance with Precital is designed to be seamless. We've streamlined the process to ensure that getting the financial backing you need is straightforward and artist-friendly. It starts with understanding what you need and aligning our resources to amplify your creative vision:

Check your eligibility

At Precital, we're looking for artists who are not just passionate about their music but also have a clear vision for their career. We take into consideration your current standing, your potential for growth, and the fervor with which you pursue your art. Our criteria are crafted to be inclusive, offering a stage for both established artists and those about to hit their stride.

Send through your details

Musician’s weren’t built to fill out forms. With a few essential details and insights into your project, you can initiate the process online. Our team is here to guide you at every beat, ensuring you have the support you need to complete the application with ease.

Receive your advance

Once approved, your advance becomes the fuel for your next big project. Every advance is a reflection of our commitment to your long-term success and belief in your art. From the moment you consider an advance to the day your project comes to life, and beyond, we are here to cheer you on. 

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Precital advances.
What is a Precital Advance?
An advance from Precital is a pre-payment to artists intended to cover the upfront costs of their music production, promotion, and other career-related expenses.
Who is eligible for a Precital Advance?
Eligibility varies, but typically we support emerging and established artists with demonstrated potential for growth and a clear vision for their music career.
How does the advance process work?
The process begins with a simple online application. If you meet our criteria, we’ll work closely with you to tailor an advance to your needs.
What can I use the advance for?
Advances can be used for recording, production, marketing, touring, and other career-enhancing activities.
Do I need to have a certain number of streams or followers to qualify?
While we consider your digital presence, we look at a range of factors including your artistic vision, work ethic, and potential for success, not just metrics.
How is the advance paid back?
Advances are recouped from future royalties or revenues generated from your music.
Are there any interest rates applied to the advance?
Our advances are typically interest-free, but specific terms will be outlined in your individual agreement.
Will I still own my music if I take an advance?
Absolutely. At Precital, we believe in artists maintaining ownership of their creations.
What happens if my music doesn’t generate the expected revenue?
We understand the unpredictable nature of the music industry and will work with you to find a suitable solution if revenues don’t meet expectations.
Can I apply for another advance if I still have an outstanding one?
This depends on the success of your current projects and the terms of your existing advance. It’s best to discuss this directly with us.
How does Precital benefit from providing me with an advance?
Our success is tied to yours. We invest in artists whose music we believe has the potential to succeed, which in turn can generate shared profits.
How long does it take to get an advance after applying?
The timeline can vary depending on the review process, but we strive to work efficiently to meet artists' needs promptly.
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