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"The pitching service is simple and efficient and has enabled me to get many radio, blog features and playlist placements for my releases" - Mike Roche

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Send your songs to radio, blogs, playlists, A&Rs, sync agents & bookers to make sure you are heard.


Upload your song with all streaming links, metadata for royalties, audio files & images.


Target the most relevant tastemakers based on genre, location & medium.


Send a personalised email which tracks the opens, streams, views & downloads.


View the engagement on your release so you can see where you performed the best.


Trusted by over 500 artists, PR agencies & labels.

“Working with TuneRelease has taken massive weight off my shoulders as an independent artist. The pitching platform is simple and efficient and has managed to get me many radio, blog features and playlist placements for my releases! I wouldn't even consider trying to release a song now without TuneRelease!”
Image of musician Mike Roche
Mike Roche
Independent Artist
“As someone who had never worked in the music industry and was looking for help with my first release, I couldn't have asked for better than TuneRelease. I am happy to recommend Tunerelease to artists of any genre looking to launch a single, video or album”
Image of Conor & Flora Harkin of Small Circles
Conor Harkin
Small Circles
"TuneRelease were perfect for me! I managed to successfully get a debut in Hot Press and several magazines around Ireland and Europe by using it! Not to mention all over Irish Radio! At times I considered using a PR company, however, after using TuneRelease, I could do it myself!"
Image of Ciarán Moran performing
Ciarán Moran
Independent Artist

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