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Writing result-oriented copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince outlets to take action.

Luke Rynne Cullen
Is the Founder of both Tune Release and and to date has been featured in the Sunday Business Post's "100 Hot Startups", Business & Finance’s "One's to Watch" series, Fora's "Startup Scout" series, the Independent, Irish Examiner and

He has a Bachelors degree in English literature and history from Trinity College Dublin and is the former President of Trinity Orchestra and Live Music Officer for Trinity Entertainment. He won the  TES Dragons Den in 2018 and secured Bronze in the National Startup Awards in 2019.
Cailean Coffey
Is the Digital Editor of Soul Doubt Magazine and a writer for GoldenPlec. He has five years of writing experience, including interviews with the likes of Blossoms, Kojaque, Malaki, EDEN, and Alex Gough.

He has previously run award-winning press campaigns for artists such as HappyAlone and worked on press releases for Diffusion Lab artists including Flynn, Rushes and Jafaris. He primarily works in pop and hip-hop journalism, but has in the past covered genres such as folk and metal.
Lucy Norris
Is the Founder of the What It’s Like … with Luce podcast, a weekly series highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things. She has over five years experience in developing and delivering engaging content from her time as Ryanair's Digital Content Executive.

She has a Bachelors degree in Journalism from the University of Kent and has written features for Northern Woman Magazine, alongside numerous other publications.
Michael Dooley
Is the Editor of the soon to launch Irish music and culture magazine, The Nightfly. He is the former Music Editor of The University Times and to date has interviewed the likes of David Keenan, Bicurious and Alt-J.

He served as Chairperson of Trinity FM and during that time founded Top Floor Music, which has recorded artists including Hatchlings, Maija Sofia and Ruth Mac. His main areas of interest span several genres from alternative rock and punk, to folk and jazz.
Dylan Murphy
Is the Digital Editor of District Magazine and has interviewed artists ranging from Giggs to Joy Crookes. He also writes for Goldenplec and primarily specialises in hip hop and alternative music.

He is the founder of Irish  music platform, Mabfield, and co-hosts the Mabcast podcast every week. Guests to date include God Knows of Rusangano Family, JyellowL and many more.
Shane McAuley
Is the Founder of an independent print publication and weekly podcast known as Soul Doubt Magazine.

He is known for his candid conversations with creatives, from Dave Fogarty (Conor McGregor’s personal photographer) to up-and-coming Irish superstars, such as Erica Cody, Jafaris, Tebi Rex and many more.

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