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Best practices, templates and insights are all key to knowing who to target, what materials to provide and what to ask for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time should I send my pitch?

While a lot of us in the music industry are night owls, it is always best to send a pitch early in the day. Reports have also shown that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days for sending pitches.

Q: How many pitches should I send?

When we were doing PR the traditional way for artists we would send on average 200 pitches per release to ensure a large number of key outlets receive the song and that a campaign maintains its momentum for as long as possible.

Q: How do I write my artist biography?

An artist biography should introduce the real names of those in the act, especially for bands or solo artists using pseudonyms. It should also establish your credibility and include previous performances, awards, metrics or people you have worked with. The biography should also allude to your unique selling point that differentiates you from other artists and what style of music you most commonly operate in. It can also include your inspirations or those you have collaborated with or supported in the past.

Q: How do I write my song description?

The song description should capture the meaning and inspiration behind the song. It is also beneficial to describe its tempo, dynamics and instrumentation choices. It should also mention who wrote, recorded and produced the song, including notable engineers or collaborators. It helps to mention if it was recorded in a studio, is a cover, or contains any explicit lyrics.

Q: Should I upload the radio edit/clean version or full-length version?

We strongly recommend using the clean version as a lot of the outlets prefer non-explicit content in a shorter format. The main exception is when pitching to niche electronic outlets that appreciate full-length tracks.

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