How to Write a Press Release

If you want to get blog features, interviews and airplay, you need to create an professional press release.

You need to link to all your platforms, showcase your best imagery and provide as much contextual information as possible.

Do-it-yourself public relations (PR) can be difficult, but definitely not impossible.

The best PR people will have developed strong relationships with leading tastemakers over years, or perhaps in even decades in the music industry. They are a trusted source of new music and put their reputation on the line when pitching music.

However, if you don’t have the budget to hire the professionals, do-it-yourself PR is the next best thing. And if your music is a good fit for the receiver, of a high quality and is pitched correctly, there’s no reason why it won’t get picked up.

TuneRelease provides an extensive directory of the leading tastemakers for you to pitch and helps provide a standardised pitching process, complete with a song page that includes all your relevant information, links, images and files.

Let's dive into how to write a press release that bloggers won’t be able to say no to. Don’t forget to check out our music press release template at the bottom of this article.

How to write a music press release

Make it easy for the receiver

Being concise, to the point and really clinical on what details are actually important all helps in shaping the recipients opinion of you.

The leading tastemakers receive hundreds, if not thousands, of emails and press releases in a day. So get to the point quickly, make sure all the essential info is easy to read, recognise and reach with one or two clicks.

If they’re interested in your news, some busy music bloggers may simply copy and paste chunks of your press release into a new post without even contacting you, so keep this in mind too when you come to write it.

Check out our post here on how to keep track of features.

Use a great subject line

An exciting, interesting, irresistible subject line can be the difference between your email getting opened or ignored.

Generally, 'Artist Name - Song Name' is not a compelling subject line. Have you won any awards, been covered in notable outlets or supported any major artists? Using your accoldades will help increase your chances of getting featured.

Make sure your email stands out in a full inbox. We find emojis work a treat 🤫

Check out our post on how to write an email pitch here.

Format your files correctly

Downloading attachments from someone you don’t know is risky, so in many cases, your email might simply be deleted if any files are attached.

Rather than attaching it, copy your press release into the body of the email and include links to your tracks on a well-known streaming platform (Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify) or pitching service song page like our very own TuneRelease song page.

If your music isn’t officially out yet, don’t attach an MP3 file. Instead, create a private Soundcloud link or unlisted YouTube video so you can share it with a select number of people in advance of your release date.

You can create a private Soundcloud link by selecting ‘private’ on the Basic Info tab of the platform's track uploader. The orange padlock indicates that the track is private.

Alternatively, it’s easy to set up an unlisted YouTube video. Just select 'unlisted' when uploading your vid.

How to write a music press release

Include links to your website, photographs & socials

Include just about as much information as you can in the email, in clearly segmented parts.

So, make sure to include direct links to your social media pages, website and a folder of press shots. That way, bloggers don’t need to spend their time searching for you online to tag you in posts or find a decent picture of you for their featured image. It’s worth setting up a Dropbox or Google Drive link with all of your essential assets - pictures, logos and a longer artist bio.

You can learn more about what kind of images work the best and what file types to use here.

Be human

Adding a personal message to the email above your press release is a nice way to engage and build a potential relationship with the recipient. It doesn’t need to be an essay, just a quick hello, perhaps including their name and the title of their blog to show you’re genuinely aware of who you’re emailing.

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