TuneRelease has become a member of AIM Ireland. This is with the aim of ensuring the Irish music industry has a strong representative voice to help those operating in the industry get the support they need in terms of funding, networking opportunities & cross border collaboration

Learn more about AIM Ireland here.

AIM Ireland is the Irish Association of Independent Music and the collective voice of the independent music industry in Ireland.

Their mission is to promote growth, awareness and opportunities for the independent music industry at a national and international level.

They will achieve this through:

  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Community

TuneRelease believes in AIM Ireland's vision and is committed to ensuring its goals are realised. They are as follows:

  1. To offer training, network and financial support to those working in the Independent music sector in Ireland
  2. To develop policy for Ireland and in the larger global context that benefits rights holders and those who work with them
  3. To be a voice at the table for independent music companies in Ireland
  4. To offer a tiered approach to skills development for those working in the independent music sector in Ireland
  5. To develop and support a career path for those wanting to work and make a living in the independent music sector in Ireland.
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