Making music isn’t enough, you need to promote it. Social media marketing is extremely important for artists to connect with their fans and expand their audience. Regardless of your genre as a musician, most likely your fans will be glued to social media. To put it all into perspective, Facebook has over 2.8 billion users and Instagram has over 1 billion users which make them both the leading social channels. Tik Tok is also a great platform to gain more visibility for your music and brand with 1 billion users. Lastly, Twitter has 193 million active users. The facts don't lie - you need to be using these platforms to maximise and support your music releases. It is important to investigate which social channels your fans use the most in order to reach your fans online. We have compiled a list of the top social media marketing tips to enhance your campaigns.

1. Set up your profile

The first step is creating your social media profiles or if you already have them set up, ensure that all of your information is correct and up to date on all channels. It's recommended that you link your channels to each other so that followers on each channel can find your other social media accounts.

Using a platform such as Linktree is a great way to do this and you can incorporate other links such as new tracks, pre save links, your Soundcloud or Spotify profiles and even links to any articles you’re featured in.

Make sure to try keep your social media handles consistent, eg. @artistname, the simpler the better! It's recommended to pick an artist name that is unique and has no pre existing social media accounts already tied to it.

This way you can start creating your own brand, and when you secure features or people are chatting about your music, you are easy to discover and tag. Make sure to claim social media accounts across as many networks as you can (even if you don't expect to use them all).

2. Post regularly at the most optimum times

It is so important to have an active online presence in order to keep your fans engaged and up to date on your music. Posting at the most optimum times can vary depending on the artist and their followers.

The most optimum times are when most of your followers are online and will see your posts. You can check which is the best time to post your content using the social media platforms insights.

Instagram shows their users excellent audience data which gives artists great insights into their fans for free. However, there are third party platforms such as Facebook Business Suite which could be suitable for artists who have a budget to spend and want to analyse their Instagram and Facebook insights all in one place.

3. Post a variety of content

Posting a variety of content is also important to keep your fans engaged. You should try to include different posts such as live streams, videos, reels, stories, IGTVs, and images. Posting the same content can bore your followers and it can be difficult to retain your fans without publishing regular high quality and compelling content.

Your content should be tailored to fans at different stages in your funnel. At the top of the funnel, content should be filled with trending, popular and buzzworthy content, to engage someone for the first time. As they become more acquainted with you, this content should become more specific with clear call to actions, eg. new merch launching, upcoming performance, pre-save a new song etc.

Covers of popular songs or speaking on a trending topic can be great at getting shares and engagement to expand your audience base.

4. Use trending hashtags

Hashtags are another effective feature on social networks as they enable the content to reach more users as hashtags are searchable and are also displayed on a search page when they are clicked by the user. Hashtags are extremely powerful for increasing visibility and boosting brand awareness.

Folksonomies refers to how tags are categorised and organised on social networks for easy accessibility to users. Hashtags create different online communities based on users interests and what they search for. It is important to use trending hashtags relevant to your music in your social media posts to help you reach a wider audience.

You can use up to 30 hashtags on an Instagram post and can leave it in the first comment.

5. Community Engagement

Community engagement is a crucial part of social media marketing for brands and artists. Connecting with your fans by responding to their comments on your posts is a great way to build relationships and is a key tactic to building your follower base.

Have Question & Answer sessions on your Instagram story, go live and crowd source the inspiration for your next song. Making your audience be a part of your journey is just as important as creating great music.

6. Monitor your insights 

Whether you track your social media insights manually yourself by using the in-house data that the platform provides or use a third party tool such as SproutSocial or Keyhole, it is so important to continuously monitor your online performance. Set yourself a goal of posting once per day or growing your audience by 20% every month.

Your growth will compound and you will build your intuition on what posts work, how to efficiently create content to a high standard, and eventually you will have built up the routine and processes to keep building your audience.

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