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It's powerful stuff from the Dublin singer-songwriter whose fan club includes Christy Moore, Aslan & Roddy Doyle

While currently unable to add to his list of high-profile supports - Aslan, Brian Kennedy and Damien Dempsey are among those who've been given a serious run for their backstage rider by him - Ciarán Moran has released this great video for his 'Falling Down' single.
Guided by the creative minds of Christy Moore, Roddy Doyle and Colm Quearney as he was finding his musical feet, the Dublin North Inner City singer explores the darker side of society’s issues with references to substance abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.
He also pens a mean chorus, which is attracting rapidly increasing amounts of airplay.
We're definitely going to be hearing a lot more of Ciarán Moran...