About Us

We are a team of creatives and innovators that simply love music. Join us and help reshape the music industry.


Helping Musicians Stay Independent

We are on a mission to build a platform that works in harmony with the aims of musicians & their representatives. Our vision is to create a world where there is equal access to opportunity, transparency and fair working conditions for musicians.

About us

Shaping the Future of the Music Industry

TuneRelease empowers music promoters to access a directory of industry tastemakers, view the engagement metrics on every pitch & avail of the resources they need to build their brand.

OUR Difference

Leveraging Technology

Utilising the latest technologies we can automate repetitive tasks, make recommendations based on large data sets and create transparency in the ecosystem with real-time information.

Our history

Founded by musicians, for musicians.

Luke Rynne Cullen founded the company in 2019 to digitise the music industry after his experience working as a freelance violinist and managing Trinity Orchestra. After helping 100s of artists promote their music & secure bookings for events, it was clear there needs to be increased transparency, connectivity and improved royalties for musicians.

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